Network Lock | Khóa thẻ từ khách sạn | Khóa khách sạn -CTy ĐẦU TƯ và PHÁ

Network lock system combines RF technology, computer technology and electronic locks together. Apply RF card to replace mechanical key, the network lock access control and management. It will efficiently solve the problems arisen from too complicated to operation, can not read record and can not remote control.
  • Data Processing: the data existing in the lock can run in the network or not.
  • Intelligent Query: query the real time operation records of the lock and the electricity consumption.
  • Intelligent Monitor: real time browse room’s state, such as closed or not.
  • Illegal Alarm: alarm when maliciously operated, can extend to call, fire alarm and seeking help.
  • Remote Control: remote and operate the lock, safe and convenient.
  • Device Connection: Connect other system device with standard industrial field bus.
  • Grading Administration: key card management at different levels, the responsibility defined well.
  • Scope Of Application: hotel, office, military, institution, enterprise, hospital, school