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Alone with the developing of the IT(information technology) and the upturn living standards make the people want to live in the quality life. Nowadays all of us focus the quality life in Living. Since the limit of the traditional technology, the conveniences and security could not satisfy the modernized request any more. As the appearance of the intelligence door, we can solve this problem only use one card. Moreover, we can use the card to open the door and attendance checking, parking, property charge and so on. All of this function can only use one card to achieve. It can make the premises to be more competitive and modern.
The intelligent door lock will instead of the traditional mechanical door lock. Because more and more people know that the exact of indentify Certified is very important. As you know more and more people use the intelligent lock at their office and even their home. 
The traditional mechanical door lock adopts the metal key to open the door, it make lot of inconvenient in our dairy life:
1. Every day you have to bring a string of metal keys go out to work, traveling or business during our dairy life, it is very inconvenient for keeping the keys well.
2. When you come out and found that you lose the keys at home. For this case you must feel upset and anxious.
3. You may worried about the key will be losing or duplicated
4. You may worried about the servant and the baby sitter carry the key out 
5. You may need to just keep one card that can unlock all the doors instead of lots of metal keys…
1. Fingerprint Lock:
Fingerprint Lock will make you feel more security and convenient. Just put your finger into the induction area of the lock to open the door. It solves the problem by the uniqueness and invariance of every fingerprint. 
Furthermore, the fingerprint lock has the alarm function. It will alarm when unlock by error.
LEVEL fingerprint lock has several unlocking methods: 1.fingerprint, 2.fingerprint & password, 3.password & RFID card, 4.mechanical key for emergency and so on… The customer can choose the unlocking method by themselves. Some of the model has increased the doorbell function and the pronunciation operation system; it will make your resident to be high-tech, joyful, safe, and convenient.
2. RF card locks:
LEVEL RF card lock adopts Switzerland's EM induction card (non-contact card) or the Mifare-1 card (non-contact card), the PHILIPS Mifare-1 card has the read-write and the encryption function .It is very easy to program/ issue keycard on the lock.
The RF card has high encryption. The Mifare-1 card’s capacity is up to1024 bytes, it is able to do as “all in one” card.
Compare with the fingerprint lock, it is not so convenient to carry keycards. However you can choose some shape card in small size or wristband card, and the RF card lock is able to coordinate with the password unlock function, too.